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Beth is dead?? So why does the whole fandom talk about her so much. She didn't get any screen time. But some people list her are their favorite clone.

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okay I will take the time to explain to you the importance of Beth Childs. It doesn’t matter how much screen time she had. Or even that she’s dead. She mattered to all of these women and she sacrificed her life for these women. She focused so much time and energy on finding out the truth, on protecting these women, that she quite literally drove herself mad. She killed Maggie Chen in cold blood to protect her sisters from Helena. Can you imagine the guilt that must have caused her? To just gun down a woman?

She managed to find all the Euroclones, Alison, Cosima, Tony, and Sarah. She kept any information that could’ve put any of the clones in danger to herself. She could quite possibly have discovered Castor before we even get to see her on screen, and we only just learned about it in the season finale. Beth Childs is important for little and big reasons all together. She influence Alison; made her care. Not many people get Alison Hendrix’s love, but you can clearly see how torn up she is to know Beth is dead.

Beth Childs dove deeper into the clone madness than any of us will know. She knew about Paul’s involvement, and she was getting so close to finding out his involvement on a deeper level from Tony’s monitor. She discovered at minimum nine other clones, possibly even Jennifer too.

Beth Childs devoted everything to these women. She gave them her word and they trusted her. Katja flew all the way to Canada because she knew Beth would keep her safe and get her a cure.

She was their shield. She was their armor. She took every outside blow until she couldn’t take it anymore. She is literally the most amazing woman, in my opinion. She had snark, she was quiet and reserved but she was genuine in what little emotions she let herself feel and show. (that is from the original shooting script, the descriptions of her in home videos).

It’s not about seeing her on screen. It’s about seeing her through the eyes of everyone else. Through details. Through actions we learn she did even though we personally didn’t get to witness them.

My love for Beth Childs runs deeper than blood because I wish I could be half as loving and dedicated and half as strong as she was in this journey of discovering all this information about herself and instead of worrying about her own fate she fought for these girls. I will forever respect Elizabeth Childs and I dunno about you but I love her more every time I rewatch and see another little crumb of Beth Childs love left behind.

Ah. U know I always had this on my mind that this show is gonna be exact same as pll.after 2 or 3 season we gonna realize that beth is stull alive and all of these are on her.this is just my opinion